KVURDS Organisation has been an “Organisation of Choice” for all stakeholders and through various initiatives.

Our work is made possible through your generosity. Your contribution allows us to educate about tribals, rural development, women empowement and agriculture techniques in the national community.
Your contribution also supports presentations to community groups, civic organizations, and other nonprofits. We gratefully accept your contribution to our efforts at educating and, ultimately, saving lives.
Help us fundraise by hosting an event (music event, dance show, tea party, etc) or launching a web/social media campaign. Help us connect with a corporate to become our CSR partner or high- net-worth individual that can be our platinum donor. You will make a huge impact by making our programs sustainable and make a mark in saving lives.
It is easy, simple choose an event that suits you and inform us. We will give all the help that you need in organizing the event and keep you updated. You can join us individually or get together with your family, friends, colleagues at office as a group.

We are sure that you will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you see what effect your fundraising will have on those who are still denied social benefits.